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Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT)


The Elizabethtown Police Department’s Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) consists of four members. The CNT is not a full time team. Each member works their assigned duty within the Police Department and receives specialized training with the team. Each member is selected from a list of officers requesting the added responsibility of being on the team. They are chosen by the team leader and other current members after an interview and practical exercise. The team has one team leader (Sergeant) and three negotiators. This team is ready for deployment when called upon for hostage situations, barricaded persons, suicidal persons and any other potentially high risk situation. The team work side by side with the Special Response Team (SRT).

Each CNT member is trained in Crisis Negotiation and active listening skills. The CNT utilizes a rescue phone during crisis situations to assist in establishing contact with suspects. This device can be tossed into a room via a window or door to establish safe communications.