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Administrative Services Department

Deputy Chief Troy S. Dye


Major Troy Dye began with the Elizabethtown Police Department in 1987. He graduated from the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) basic police academy class number 180 and began as a patrol officer. Major Dye progressed to a Field Training Officer (FTO) and then was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 1993. He has worked all shifts of the department and has been a member and supervisor of the department's Special Response Team. He remained a patrol sergeant until his appointment as Deputy Chief of Patrol in 2001. He moved to Deputy Chief of Administration in the fall of 2011 with the promotion of Major Jamie Land.

Major Dye received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Administration from Eastern Kentucky University in 2002. Major Dye is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 185.

Major Dye is a member of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Chiefs of Police and the FBI National Academy Associates. He is also a member of the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Advisory Board for the Criminal Justice Program.

He currently oversees the Administrative Division. This division is made up of five sections that allow for the rapid and accurate dissemination of information to federal, state and local governments as well as to the citizens we serve. The sections are the Administrative Assistant Section, Community Services Section, Auxiliary Functions Section, Training Section and the Evidence and Property Section.


Charlotte Black


The Records Unit is responsible for the collection, entry, and archiving of citations, warning tickets, case reports, accident reports, and other documents or information they receive from the Patrol and Administration Divisions. This information is then compiled and copies are transmitted to Federal, State, and local government agencies. The unit is also responsible for the release of case reports, accident reports, and direction assistance to locations in the area. Fingerprinting is done Monday through Friday during business hours, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Persons wanting their fingerprints taken need to supply their own local, state, federal or business fingerprint cards. There is a fee of $5.00 for persons living outside of the Elizabethtown city limits.

RECORDS CHECKS must be obtained through the ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS (AOC) located in Frankfort, Kentucky. The AOC office number is 1-800-928-6381. Forms may be picked up at the police department or downloaded from the AOC website.

Community Services

Sergeant Tim Cleary

Officer Virgil Willoughby

The Community Services Section contains the Public Information Officer Section and coordinates such community programs as the Citizens Police Academy, Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, the Cadet Program, the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program, and the Kid Print ID Program.

The Elizabethtown Police Department is proud of its commitment to the children within our community. D.A.R.E. is currently being taught in every school within the Elizabethtown city limits to include both county and city school districts.

The unit provides numerous community services and crime prevention presentations. It is a key element in the Hardin County Crime Stoppers program. Members of the unit represent the area of Elizabethtown and Hardin County at meetings of the Kentucky Crime Stoppers Association. If any group or organization is in need of a guest speaker or a specific program to be presented, please call between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

School Resource Officer

Officer Roger Ramsey

Officer Roger Ramsey is located at Central Hardin High School as a School Resource Officer. The Elizabethtown Police Department has been involved at Central Hardin since 2007. This program allows students to interact with a police officer on a daily basis and become accustomed to their presence. This provides a way to bridge the gap between impressionable young adults to their presence. It provides a way to bridge the gap between impressionable young adults and the police. It provides an added level of safety in the school both for students and parents. During time when school is not in session, Officer Ramsey works as a road unit for the police department. This program has proven to be very beneficial.

Information Technology

The role of the Information Technology Section is a dual purpose. First, they take information from the records section and by using crime analyzing programs and the Spillman computer database determine present and possible future crime problems in the City of Elizabethtown. This allows officers to key in on the major crimes in the city. The unit also is responsible for keeping the Spillman database system in full working order to supply the community and its administrators with statistically correct information related to current and past criminal activities and possible trends.

The IT section also is responsible for the various types of technology within the police cars. Each police car is equipped with a digital video camera from Mobile Vision that automatically records and downloads video clips from the car to the server at the station and a mobile data computer (MDT) which allows the officers to request and receive data on many levels including current license statues and persons that may be wanted. The IT section is a critical part of the police department.


Sergeant Tim Cleary

There are many aspects of training that go on within the department. This includes not only the 40 hours minimum of annual in-service training from the Department of Criminal Justice but also includes the ASP Police baton, numerous types of defensive tactics and handcuffing procedures. All of this is scheduled and planned by Sgt. Cleary. He has the responsibility of scheduling training, and is also one of our primary instructors in defensive tactics.

Firearms Training

Officer Rob Green, Officer Terry Cox and Officer Chris Elam

All firearms officers are certified armorers from Sig Sauer and Remington as well as certified Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) Firearms Instructors. This unit is responsible for and coordinates semi-annual training for the departments range qualification. This training includes, but is not limited to, static line fire and simulated tactical firearm usage with all weapons of the Elizabethtown Police Department.

Safety Officer

Sergeant David Neary


Sergeant Neary is responsible for our monthly safety meetings along with the initial orientation of new officers on departmental procedures regarding safety both in the workplace and outside while on patrol.

Evidence and Property

Carl Bee and Brian Graham are both evidence managers for the police department. They catalog hundreds of pieces of evidence each year for the court system. They are responsible for the care and custody of all evidence that comes into the department along with transporting items to the Kentucky State Police lab for processing and testing. They also have been busy with the new Prescription Drug Take Back program the department instituted in March 2012. This program allows a person to anonymously drop off any old or unused prescription medication in the lobby of the department so it can be disposed of properly.  Business hours for concerns are M-F  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.